Vizoom is an architectural illustration and visualization studio established in 2006.

We portray architecture that up to now exists as an idea, a vision, an option.
The primary goal in our work is to reflect the projects idea and to communicate its concept and character in the context of the site and environment. We aim to create images that focus on atmosphere of the specific architectural space with scope for interpretation and individual experience.

„Renderings must be open enough to leave room for the development of the project, but specific enough to communicate whatever it is that makes the project special.
They should be more about the attitude with which the project is faced rather than about how exactly it is going to look”

Mansilla y Tuñón Arquitectos, Madrid (Clog Magazine)

Core team:
Artur Bomerski -Architect / Illustrator -Member of Chamber of Architects Berlin
Artur Adamczyk -Mgr. Ing. Arch. / Visual Artist



Short info about data we need for an offer and about our workflow::